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jiggywilson: I've heard that some folks purposely use abrasive or exfoliating scrubs or pads to irritate the tissue and expedite the scarring process. Is that something y'all would recommend?



I would NEVER tell anyone to abrade one of my cuttings. I put hours of work into my fine detailing. Rubbing it or brushing it or abrading it would ruin all of that. 

Irritating a healing scarification piece is something for amateurs. Its not something an experienced scarification artist would ever suggest. All the damage that would create a scar is done during the procedure. The aftercare and healing is all about getting a consistent scar. Wrap aftercare will give you super clean edges, abrasive aftercare will give you blurry edges. 

Ask any “scarification artist” suggesting abrasive aftercare how many pieces they’ve done. I’ll guess they’ll tell you they’ve doone a handful, maybe a dozen. Once they’ve done over 100, or over 500, they’ll hopefully figure out better aftercare. 

Check out this healed piece of mine. It would be impossible to get this kind of healing result without non-abrasive, wrapped aftercare. 

I’ve never used aggressive abrading aftercare on any of my scars.  If you are going to scar, you will…scrubbing isn’t going to do much to help you.  It only serves to be painful and potentially damaging (ha!) to the overall intended healed result.